#51 The Sentric Music Podcast June 2014

•June 18, 2014 • Leave a Comment

June. The World Cup, Wimbledon and, as this podcast is uploaded into the world, it’s only bloody sunny as well isn’t it?! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE I TELL YOU!!! With all these amazing things happening you’re going to need a soundtrack to go with your new Ray Bans and fancy headphones aren’t you? Good job we’re here then with a podcast featuring some of the best new music you’ll discover this summer. Including…

Shy Nature //
Cattle & Cane //
Death At Sea //
Ian Britt //
Young Rival //
Human Pyramids //
HighFields //
Gallery Circus //
Paris Burns //
Blizzard //
Sam Airey //
Freeze The Atlantic //


#50 The Sentric Music Podcast May 2014

•May 15, 2014 • 1 Comment

Fifty months ago a simple man with a simple idea coupled with a simple vocabulary sat down to record the debut Sentric Music podcast. It was a farcical affair back then, but after 49 more attempts we arrive here, in May 2014, with this; the 50th Sentric Music podcast. A polished, professional affair with potentially BBC Radio 4 broadcasting standards… Ish.

This month including:

Fickle Friends //
Mo Parker //
Boy Jumps Ship //
Pariis Opera House //
Brontide //
Alistair Griffin //
Goodbye Chanel //
Antix //
Gavin James //
Josep Xortó //
Press To Meco //
Barnaby //
Kubalove //

You can subscribe to this on iTunes as well you know if that was ‘your jam’ or whatever it is kids say these days.

#49 The Sentric Music Podcast April 2014

•April 15, 2014 • 1 Comment

Easter is here, you’ve got to entertain the kids/nieces/nephews/cousins/grandchildren and you simply can’t watch any more Peppa Pig for fear of insanity. Stick them in front of SoundCloud for 57 minutes and give them an education in new music. This month including…

Jaws //
Marmozets //
Pixel Fix //
Esco Williams //
Antranig //
Veyu //
Morton Valence //
Collectors Club //
Then Thickens //
The Talks //
Richard J Birkin //
Haus //

#48 The Sentric Music Podcast March 2014

•March 13, 2014 • 1 Comment

Given up new music for Lent? WELL THEN THIS ISN’T FOR YOU, YOU SCHMUCK… Some rather good new music for your ears, including:

Spring Offensive
Crystal Bats
Shy Nature
Labyrinth Ear
Shield Patterns
Nine Black Alps
DJ Lucky
James Wolf

You can subscribe to this on iTunes as well because it’s what Steve Jobs would have wanted senmusi.cc/SentricPodcastiTunes

#47 The Sentric Music Podcast Feb 2014

•February 18, 2014 • 1 Comment

Not as entertaining as the double luge, but more forgiving than a full body lycra suit. You’re enjoying the Winter Olympics, but you wish it had a better soundtrack, right? El voila…

Coasts //
Lauren Aquilina //
Marmozets //
Prides //
Canterbury //
Mirror Signal //
Spring King //
Amidships //
Mi Mye //
Thomas J Speight //
Screaming Maldini //
Vinyl Jacket //

You can subscribe to this on iTunes if such was your choice.

#46 The Sentric Music Podcast January 2014

•January 15, 2014 • 4 Comments

Like a frustrating older sibling who has lured your parents into a false sense of security regarding the potential of any offspring they produce; January’s podcast sets the bar high for the rest of the year with a playlist of fine music from some of the best emerging artists you’re no doubt going to hear a lot more of throughout 2014. Featuring…

Fickle Friends //
Then Thickens //
Pariis Opera House //
Fatherson //
M.O //
John Smith //
Nordic Giants //
Weekend Money //
Emily & The Woods //
Model Aeroplanes //
International Departures //
Rameses B //

You can subscribe to this on iTunes you know. Fancy that! Just search for it if you wanted to. Or not. Your choice isn’t it. I’M NOT THE BOSS OF YOU.

#45 The Sentric Music Podcast December – Best of 2013!

•December 17, 2013 • 1 Comment

Everyone loves a round up? A summary? A ‘best of’? We look back on 2013 with a selection of the highlights from the Sentric Music podcast over the past year and blimey, what a year it’s been eh?


Camp Stag
Cattle & Cane
Club Smith
Collectors Club
Hurricane Love
John Smith
Lauren Aquilna
Nadine Carina
Orla Gartland
Silent Sleep
Spring Offensive
Tall Ships
To Kill A King
Young Rival

You can subscribe to this on iTunes as well if that tickled your fancy somewhat.