#50 The Sentric Music Podcast May 2014

Fifty months ago a simple man with a simple idea coupled with a simple vocabulary sat down to record the debut Sentric Music podcast. It was a farcical affair back then, but after 49 more attempts we arrive here, in May 2014, with this; the 50th Sentric Music podcast. A polished, professional affair with potentially BBC Radio 4 broadcasting standards… Ish.

This month including:

Fickle Friends //
Mo Parker //
Boy Jumps Ship //
Pariis Opera House //
Brontide //
Alistair Griffin //
Goodbye Chanel //
Antix //
Gavin James //
Josep Xortó //
Press To Meco //
Barnaby //
Kubalove //

You can subscribe to this on iTunes as well you know if that was ‘your jam’ or whatever it is kids say these days.


~ by Sentric on May 15, 2014.

One Response to “#50 The Sentric Music Podcast May 2014”

  1. Brontide followed by Alistair Griffin. It’s like my iPod shuffle.

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