#46 The Sentric Music Podcast January 2014

Like a frustrating older sibling who has lured your parents into a false sense of security regarding the potential of any offspring they produce; January’s podcast sets the bar high for the rest of the year with a playlist of fine music from some of the best emerging artists you’re no doubt going to hear a lot more of throughout 2014. Featuring…

Fickle Friends //
Then Thickens //
Pariis Opera House //
Fatherson //
M.O //
John Smith //
Nordic Giants //
Weekend Money //
Emily & The Woods //
Model Aeroplanes //
International Departures //
Rameses B //

You can subscribe to this on iTunes you know. Fancy that! Just search for it if you wanted to. Or not. Your choice isn’t it. I’M NOT THE BOSS OF YOU.


~ by Sentric on January 15, 2014.

4 Responses to “#46 The Sentric Music Podcast January 2014”

  1. […] Original post: #46 The Sentric Music Podcast January 2014 […]

  2. This is good forward thinking! After all the “best of” lists all over the place, it’s nice to see one that’s getting us ready for the future. Thanks for posting , I have some exploring to do!

  3. […] https://sentric.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/46-the-sentric-music-podcast-january-2014/ […]

  4. Great to hear Then Thickens on here. Ace tune.

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