#41 The Sentric Music Podcast August 2013

Did you know the month of August is named after the Roman emperor ‘Gaius Octavius’ AKA ‘Augustus’ who was the founder of the Roman Empire & also a keen fan of new music podcasts? The things you can learn from Wikipedia these days, eh? Amazing stuff. If Gaius was still kocking about now no doubt he’d be tuning in to this month’s Sentric podcast which includes:

Prides //
Kowalski //
Mirror Signal //
The Coopers //
Stand Up Against Heart Crime //
I Divide //
Pariis Opera House //
The Barnum Meserve //
Dance a la Plage //
Alexander //
Skifonix //

You can also subscribe to this on iTunes over hither.


~ by Sentric on August 13, 2013.

4 Responses to “#41 The Sentric Music Podcast August 2013”

  1. Simon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a) Your fetching photo should be LARGER. b) Wasn’t the Roman Empire formed *before* Augustus? c) Will you be around the first week of Sept? Or gallivanting around the globe as many Brits to in the month of Augustus? I will be in London. I know it’s not exactly local, just planting the seed in case you’re down south – would be lovely to see you!


    • Tess!!!!!!!!!

      a) You’re too kind, that’s the wonders of airbrushing for you b) Do you mean Wikipedia lied about him enjoying new music podcasts too?! c) I’m down on the 12th/13th London I’m afraid! But if you wanted to take the 2 hour journey up to Liverpool I’d happily be your tour guide if you had any free time? x

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