#36 The Sentric Music Podcast March 2013

It would appear that eleven, not three, is the magic number as last month’s podcast was the most downloaded yet. We’re not fools here at Sentric y’know, if something works we run with it and that’s why March’s audible journey also has eleven ditties for you to discover. What next?! WOULD THEY DARE DO TWELVE?!?! Probably not to be honest. Let’s not get carried away now. This month’s line up:

Tall Ships
Luke De-Sciscio
The Sea
Silent Sleep
Great Pagans
Ste Hedley
Feral Brood
Camp Stag
Vasco Da Gama

If you have an iPhone/iPad/iTunes/iPod/iFace or any of that jazz you can subscribe hither.


~ by Sentric on March 19, 2013.

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