Pursehouse’s Sentric Music Podcast #23 February 2012

February, the month of love – so why not fall in love with some new music? After all; it’ll never cheat on you or forget your birthday (granted, it won’t remember it either). 10 more ace tracks from some of the UK’s best emerging bands including:

Labyrinth Ear
Juan Zelada
Air Cav
Pariis Opera House
Married To The Sea
Arthur Rigby
Sun Drums

If you have one of those fancy iPhone things you can subscribe via iTunes as well here.

Also – a bit chuffed to announce that the podcast has been featured by the good folk of iTunes!

Next to good old Steve...


~ by Sentric on February 14, 2012.

One Response to “Pursehouse’s Sentric Music Podcast #23 February 2012”

  1. […] place to start with their weekly music podcasts. Past that you could try Not Your Usual Bollocks, The Sentric Music Podcast or the Best In British Music Show With Taro O. Again, use your initiative, go and discover […]

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