Are your ears burning? Let Google soothe them…

It’s nice being talked about isn’t it? When you see a friend who informs you that they bumped into ‘whatshername’ whilst down at the local bowling ally so they shared a ice cream float afterwards and gossiped about what went on at the local school dance the previous week where your name popped up and ‘whatshername’ said that it was “really lovely” to bump into you again and thought you were “delightful company”; that makes you a happy bunny.

Whereas alternatively you might not live in the movie Grease and you might start talking to a band you’re sharing a bill with at a local gig who, after getting to know you during a couple of beers, admit that you were “nothing like they’d read about online”. Upon hearing this curious quote you use your sleuth-like skills to enquire what they’re currently discussing with a well mannered “eh?” only to discover that another local band you once shared the stage with 18 months ago randomly called you all ‘mother humping silly sausage faces’ for not lending them a guitar strap; that makes you an unhappy bunny.

Whether you’re being praised, blamed, cursed, applauded, slandered or adored you want to know what people are saying about you and luckily thanks to the lovely people over at Google you can by utilising their ‘Google Alerts‘ service.

(When I say ‘can’, I obviously mean on the internet. Not in real life; you’d have to get a News Of The World journalist to help you there I’m afraid.)

You’ll also be glad to know that Google Alerts is bloody simple.

Tell it what you want it to look out for and how often you want it to tell you it’s found it.

For example here at Sentric Music we get a daily alert that sums up all the places we’ve been talked about on the web that day.

Who needs friends when you've got Google?

This allows me to either thank the lovely person in question, who has been saying absolutely wondrous things about what we do, or go and point out why the person who is slagging us off is wrong (and they always are, of course).

Once again, it’s free and it takes about as long as it took you to read this to set up. So go and do it then. Chop chop.

I must warn you now, if you’ve got a rather generic band name; this is where it comes to bite you in the arse. Maybe that’s what the inspiration was behind ‘Arctic Monkeys’?

I doubt it.

What I’m listening to this week: Friendly Fires, Arctic Monkeys, True Tiger & You Animals.

What I’m reading this week: Love In The Time Of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez

Stay tuned.

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~ by Sentric on May 16, 2011.

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  1. Awesome site by Elizabet Pechacek

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