23 Responses to “The Top 7 Things Independent Artists Do Wrong (2011 edition)”

  1. Great post. I think you hit the nail on the head several times here especially the understanding of the industry!

  2. Every artist needs to educate themselves about the basics of where the commercial value lies in what they create.

    Even if the money is less and less in the songs and recordings (the two copyrights that are created), these are the two foundations that your career is built on and you need to understand how they make you money.

    Good point.

  3. Strange that you recommend soundcloud for streaming. The audio quality of their streaming is very poor and this seems to be the main complaiont from members. 196 kpbs if I remember right. Uploaded wavs tend to get mangled.

  4. Correction: that was Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young with Bruce Springsteen doing Whip My Hair.

  5. Amen – “I don’t care about CD’s anymore. I really, really don’t. They mean as much to me as The Daily Mail’s opinions regarding [pretty much everything] do, so please don’t bother sending any to me.”

  6. @Pete Jone’s it’s all good and well to give your info opinion on streamers such as SoundCloud and using Wav, but in doing so ? do you have any better choice in the matter for those who seek the answer to your info! reegards,,,,B.

  7. I agree completely with the “Don’t Help Themselves” point. How do you expect to earn a living off of your music if you don’t know your way around the music buisness?

  8. Nice post, Simon. Ought to be compulsory reading for every new artist… may one (humbly) suggest two more cardinal sins…

    1) use MySpace page as your main web presence.
    MySpace is so over. It’s also so broken, ugly and hard to use these days that most of us really hate having to go there to either try and hear music or find out information. Bandcamp is free for goodness sake. It gives you a built in shopping trolley for flogging T-shirts and CDs not to mention lossless downloads which you can either give away or sell fro the price of your choosing. And it looks great and includes a contact link to email the artist. Which brings us to the other cardinal sin of omission:

    2) Provide no means of contacting you on your web page.
    And while you’re at it, don’t bother providing any basic factual information, like who’s in the band, where you’re based, how long you’ve been going, what previous records you’ve released, what upcoming releases you have planned, what you’re currently up to. Just put THE BLARGS ***new EP out now*** as your MySpace headline, without any info about where we can get the EP, what it’s called, how much it costs, which tracks are on it or when it was released. Oh, and ideally don’t upload any full length tracks from the EP either – just put 30 second “teasers” for us to enjoy in glorious 96 kbps audio while being bombarded by popup ads on the MySpace music player. Grrrrrrrr

    [rant mode = “off”]

  9. It’s fine to upload WAV to Soundcloud, since the streaming player only offers 128kbps bitrate anyway.

    • Ah, but downloads at Soundcloud are whatever was uploaded, and many formats are supported. The same is true for most other music hosting sites, but Soundcloud is among only a few that accept WAV files. Decide for yourself if your users will want to spend half an hour downloading your opus. [winks]

  10. Taking a week to answer emails (or myspace messages if there’s no email contact anywhere) is a bit of a pain

    Lost count of the number of artists I message saying want to cover you for Designer Magazine – please email me mp3, photos, biog – and then get the reply 7 days later cos the band doesnt check emails every day

  11. Great advice, I see there are some books I’m missing…

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  15. super post! look forward to reading some more here

  16. I think many believe that being an artist means that once the work has been created, the work ends. However, this is when the work is started.
    Thank you for your article. This was very helpful. Time to get back to work…

  17. Great post for emerging artists. Thanks for this!

  18. Really great post! I also write much about online marketing for bands in my blog (in swedish though) and I totally agree!

  19. Wow – this is the first time I have found such information – all by complete chance too! Packed full of links and in a way that makes great sense as well! Thank you so much.


  20. A musician friend told me recently about antilosta.com, I started using this free service since March and already had one expensive microphone recovered after I lost it on the road. Any gigging/touring musician/band who care about their musical equipment should check out antilosta.com, the little time invested in tagging our equipment with this system is worth it.

  21. May I simply say what a relief to uncover someone that genuinely understands what they’re discussing on the internet. You actually realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more people really need to look at this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised that you are not more popular since you most certainly possess the gift.

  22. Decent post but a lot of it is just very invalid opinions. The main thing is definitely the c.d thing. Jake bug, the fratellis, many artists send their c.ds in to companies and still get famous. The cold hard truth is, people still like to have copies of c.ds in hand. A personal touch and charm of a c.d, U literally can not get from online downloads.
    Research is key but hey, what do I know? 😉

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