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  1. I’m using Firefox, and under Edit there is no Preferences and no Import Settings. Please redo your good article to fit Firefox 3.6.8
    Thanks very much

    • I’m a tad confused by that David – are you in iTunes? I don’t mean on your browser. Apologies if I’m not following your properly.


  2. This has once again inpired me to put in a bit of itunes housekeeping time. Hopefully one these days I can finally convert this inspiration into action.

  3. Ahhh good idea to include the contact info.

  4. Actually, invest in Media Rage. iTunes is a bloated bit of software and doesn’t give the absolute control and detail of Media Rage. I used to bang my head against the wall trying to get iTunes to not crap on my efforts, but now I am in meta-data heaven.


    ps: no, i’m not from Media Rage, just a bit nerdy and helpful

  5. very good music !

    thank you…

    (good luck)

  6. What seems so simple and obvious does seem to get overlooked. Often I am given music with no information embedded in it. Leaving me wondering who and what it is months and sometimes weeks later. Make it very easy for me to hit the delete key before I even hit ply

  7. Nice for me….thanks for share

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets annoyed about this. Spend most of my time doing what the artists should have done before forwarding me tracks…. And then there are those who don’t understand why I can’t play the .cda files that they’ve sent….

  9. Well written… This should be law for anyone who needs to pass music around, I am sick of getting promo albums from legitimate sources that do not have any metadata… Its bloody lazy!!!

  10. Thanks for writing on this! I am wondering if the artwork is embedded in the mp3 as part of the metadata or if it is just referenced to appear in your own iTunes (i.e. will you also see my artwork if I do this and send it to you?)

  11. And hopefully there will be a format beyond mp3 that makes it even easier to lock all the interesting stuff onto a music file. MusicDNA was laumched earlier this year – but I’m struggling to find out whether it is going to make it off the ground!

  12. I’m surprised there isn’t more buzz about musicDNA, unless of course it is a flawed concept and won’t work in practice! I picked up on Twitter the idea of a music file carrying with it everything we’d like to know about the world that surrounds the music and the artist and wrote about it on my blog. My guess is that none of the existing formats will satisfy our craving for metadata and music will be delivered through apps on the iPhone et al rather than cd and mp3 players.

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  14. Quote : “If you use anything other than iTunes than go find the nearest calendar, realise it is 2010”
    No apparently it is you who should be up to date, because nothing beats MP3tag when it comes to Meta-data (and yes it has Itunes specific tags ) .
    Of course you could argue that it is a Windows-only program but :
    • Nothing comparable is available for Mac users (The so-called people “who get it” )
    • It is bloody freeware no strings attached !
    • it supports other formats such as ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, iTunes MP4, WMA, Vorbis Comments and APE Tags.


  15. Actually, the Mac has Meda Rage, as i posted at the top. Very good. And on a Mac…

    iTunes does suck arse though, i’ll agree with that, and it now comes with extra bloat courtesy of Pong.

    • Seems Media Rage is shareware, costs $29.95 and the upgrade fee is $9.95 . There is less supported files format it seems too !
      MP3tag being freeware, but yes seems like Media rage is a better solution for Mac users than Itunes (really don’t like this software ).
      It must also be noted that most DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation ) have meta-data writing abilities and for encoding purpose LAME .mp3 Encoder is the bomb 😉 (freeware too )

  16. That’s good for others to know. All i can tell you is Media Rage was recommended, worked, and given it’s something i need to do relatively regularly, i was happy to pay for it. But freeware options for others are good for them to know.

    Steve Jobs has his head firmly rooted up his iArse these days. Apple as a decent innovative force is dead, all that’s let is toys for rich kids who don’t mind spending hundreds of pounds to beta-test flawed coding. Which is a shame given as I use apple for my work, but there you go, Apple are now worth more than Microsoft… woohoo.

  17. […] about the last post it was regarding ‘how to make the perfect MP3′ with good metadata, check it out here if you missed […]

  18. Cheers, that’s a massive help. I’m having massive issues with Itunes 10 (compatability with Vista)resulting in a jammed iphone, but once I get that sorted I’ll sort out my MP3’s. Cheers, Chris (DAMASCUS)

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  20. Ace man

  21. Good grief. There’s nothing wrong with Winamp. What the hell is wrong you people! The sun doesn’t shine out of Apple’s pip.

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  23. You lost at me “everyone uses iTunes”.

  24. […] of which I believed to be my wittiest tweets have also gone un-RT’d. Whereas the post I did about Metadata, which when I wrote I believed to be a bit too niche (and pretty much only did it to solve a […]

  25. I have the .Wav’s on USB.

    How do i import into ITunes so they become MP3’S???

    Please help

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  27. […] Learning how to create proper metadata for your MP3’s takes an hour to learn and potentially a few tries to master, but once you’ve done it you’ve gained a skill that will make you incredibly likable to people within the industry. Go here to learn more. […]

  28. Use iTunes? It’s clearly the author that needs educating. Try EAC to rip your CDs and foobar2000 as your player. MediaMonkey or WinAmp are better than that useless piece of junk iTunes.

    • I’m not saying iTunes is the best; I’m saying what the majority of the people within the music industry who could help an artist with their career use. Which is iTunes. If I said Foobar 2000 to the guys at Channel 4 they’d think I was having a minor stroke.

  29. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who goes through all these steps before releasing their stuff online. Thanks for the knowledge!

    Check out my company’s music blog : publicrcrds.wordpress.com

  30. […] NOTE: this isn’t a post talking about if it’s worth sending CD’s, or sending links to yousendits or SoundClouds or FTPs or Rapidshares (which, might I add, is RUBBISH) or public Dropbox links (which I recommend) or just whacking MP3’s directly into emails etc. No, no, no – this is a post about the actual MP3 file, what it should look like, what it should contain and how by taking heed of the advice thus contained within this post, you’ll make a l … Read More […]

  31. […] AIFF – Audio Interchange File Format Basically Apple’s version of a WAV file (cue sound of sound technology geeks spitting out their coffee after reading that description). When your lovely music has been recorded then it’ll either be in AIFF or WAV; a massive filesize but crammed full of audio quality goodness before you compress the crap out of it into an MP3 so it’s easier to send/store. As I said above; a high quality MP3 will suffice in the vast majority of situations within the music industry; so rip everything at 320KBPS (kilobites per second) and you’ll be fine. Don’t know how to change a WAV/AIFF into a high quality MP3? Then read my handy ‘7 Steps To Metadata Eutopia’ guide. […]

  32. I have to say im surprised to find anyone recommending iTunes for anything, let alone meta data support.

    Try some proper media software such as MediaMonkey for flat out brilliant meta data support and editing.

  33. I read a bit of what you wrote, probably good advise to an up and coming POP STAR. But a waste of time to me, as I am a song writer.
    If I could do all the things you say that I should do. I wouldn’t need Scentric Music. I write songs and expect Sentric MUSIC TO DO THE REST .

    • Would you need ‘Sentric Music’ as well?

      Expecting everyone else to do the leg work for you is a very negative way of looking at your career and I utterly assure you that you’re really limiting your chances of success. Here at Sentric we’ll do what we do best for you, but if you can’t be bothered to learn about something as elementary as metadata then you’re doing yourself no favours at all good man.

      Thank you for reading…


  34. Thanx 4 the advise…I was using my DAW for metadata but couldn’t attach artwork and now can!

  35. having used itunes and media monkey to both tag my files of my own music, i still cannot get itunes to burn a CD and use the tags i have added, have just followed your suggestions with mp3 and wav files (converting them to mp3) and although i see the tags on my computer and if transferred to a USB or my iphone, when i burn a CD it still says ‘track…..’ is it because i am burning them onto CD and no way round this?


  36. Thats Right Jump Through Hoops For Them, Makes there job easier, who cares about the bit rate for now, you should have to do all this if your selected.

    You Guys Are Just Wasting A LOT of peoples time.

    • An astonishing comment.

      I’m sure the guys over at the advertising agencies will be just falling all over each other to offer briefcases full of cash to the ‘UNKNOWN ARTIST’ who put forward ‘TRACK 001’ for their new campaign.

      Best of luck to you sir.

  37. […] NOTE: this isn’t a post talking about if it’s worth sending CD’s, or sending links to yousendits or SoundClouds or FTPs or Rapidshares (which, might I add, is RUBBISH) or public Dropbox links (which I recommend) or just whacking MP3’s directly into emails etc. No, no, no – this is a post about the actual MP3 file, what it should look like, what it should contain and how by taking heed of the advice thus contained within this post, you’ll make a l … Read More […]

  38. hi there, i wasn’t asking if it was worth sending CD’s, i was asking when you have a MP3 file that you you work with as you suggest, why is it that when you burn on CD does the MP3 file info dissapear, is there another page/ bit of info you can point me too, if not no matter, i will keep trying to work it out, thanks, Dax

  39. a other great read, i used to work anr for icm and the amount of track 01 files i got was insane.
    it could be the best track in the world but when you can find it what the point.
    If your going to spend days written a track take the 10 secs to do the mp3 conversion and tagging

  40. […] me harping on about metadata on this blog so I’m not going to go through it again. Just read ‘7 Steps To Metadata Utopia’ if you haven’t […]

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  42. Thanks for sharing.. Have good share.!

  43. Thank you! Perfectly simple and concise. Love Née.

  44. Reblogged this on Gotta Press Play.

  45. Is this the same as an Id3-tag?

  46. Thank you so much worked like a charm!!

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  48. Your tone is unnecessarily smarmy and condescending. It really makes you come across as a pompous ass. You really should work on that.

  49. Followed your i-t instructions..All meta date completed … the only fail is Part4 adding the artwork. When I ‘right click on file’ bit. Never used i-T before, but when I do this ‘get info’ there is no ‘Artwork’ add cover operation, just an empty white ‘No Artwork Available’ box in ‘Summary’. Now, I might be dim being a new user but I have been around the block and I just cannot find a way to add the artwork. – Excellent help blog, much help indeed thank you so much. John

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  51. […] Important!!!! —> make sure your mp3 have meta data ID tags on them indicating artist, song name, album, and song writers. If you don’t know how read this. […]

  52. I put ID3 tags on my files when bouncing out of Logic Pro…those same fields don’t all show up in iTunes. Comments does, and Composer does, but there are fields for URL, Copyright info, publisher contacts, etc. Once those are in the file, how can people red those things? Or should I just be mashing all that info into the “comments” section so it can be seen in iTunes?

  53. […] So you sent your CD to a placement company for consideration in their library. Make sure each and every track has clear metadata with genre, title, artist, year, and CONTACT INFORMATION. That way, they don’t have to wade through hundreds of “track 10″s on their computer to find you after they ripped your CD. If you submit digitally, it’s even more important. It’s easy to do, there’s a guide here: Seven Steps to Metadata Utopia […]

  54. Thanks Sentric. As I’m preparing to send some music to a licensing rep, this is super helpful.

  55. […] Article: 7 Steps To Metadata Utopia by Simon Pursehouse […]

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