Brit Award Predictions 2009 (for those who care)

So did you see the big news yesterday? One humble figure stood in front of an awaiting audience who were experiencing a whole concoction of emotions due to the pure expectation weighted on the words to be spoken with such passion and vigour from the now voice of a generation.

Yes, Fearne Cotton announced the Brit Awards nominations last night on a day where everything was overshadowed by the inauguration of our transatlantic neighbours’ 44th president Barack Obama. Now the Brits have suffered over the past few years (the awards, not the people), but surely a bit more foresight could have been used to not announce these nominations on the same day as one of the most important events in modern history?

This time last year I put on my Nostradamus hat and predicted “I reckon by this time next year we won’t care about the Brits anymore”. Thoughts? Personally I don’t think I’m going to care about them again until I’m either invited or directly responsible for one of the artists up for one of them.

Does that make me a hypocrite?

Ah well, c’est la vie and all that.

British Female Solo Artist
Beth Rowley

Who I Want To Win – Adele – 2008 was the year of the female in the music industry and 2009 looks set to follow suit (but with added synth) with La Roux, Little Boots, Lady GaGa etc all topping ‘ones to watch lists’ everywhere on the web. I’ve gone for Adele for this one as although Estelle no doubt had THE track with ‘American Boy’ Adele’s album was stronger throughout. There is also something about her ‘miserable cow’ demeanour that I quite like for some unknown reason; probably because it makes people like Steve Jones squirm when he’s interviewing her. She’s also rather good live which helps; watch this live version of Hometown Glory and hopefully you’ll agree with me.

Who I Think Will Win – Adele – She came from the school with the same name as the awards. How can she not win? Duffy’s face annoys me, MIA is only in there thanks to ‘Paper Planes’ and I’m not entirely sure who Beth Rowley is to be honest. I bet that last sentence annoyed so many people. God bless the internet.

British Male Solo Artist
Ian Brown
James Morrison
Paul Weller
The Streets
Will Young

Who I Want To Win – I really don’t care – I looked at that list of people for a good few minutes and the only thing I thought was “Leave Right Now and All Time Love are cracking tracks” but they came out years ago and I don’t think the point of the Brits is to award artists on former glory (bar the ‘Outstanding Contribution’ award of course). Is there really no one else who released anything better last year? Wiley? Dizzee Rascal? Can I say Tony Christie again? I think I’ve mentioned him on the last 4 blogs running…

Who I Think Will Win – Paul Weller – He released an record with too many tracks on it and called it a concept album; they’ll probably call him a genius for it.

British Group
Girls Aloud
Take That

Who I Want To Win – Elbow – Regular readers of the Sentric blog will be aware that 2008 was the year of Elbow for myself and if this category didn’t include their Manchester mates Take That I’d suggest they’d have walked away with this award to add to their now rather full mantelpiece. A tenacious bunch who are evidently are in this industry thanks to their sheer passion for music. I’d imagine if it all went tits up for them and they lost all their fans and backing they’d still play at their local boozer just for the love of playing. How many artists could you say about that these days?

Who I Think Will Win – Take That – And deservedly too might I add. Gary Barlow is a song writing genius (let us pretend Britannia High doesn’t exist eh?) and tracks such as ‘The Greatest Day’ confirms this hyperbole. They’re potentially the ultimate polished pop act: squeaky clean yet a bit cheeky, they make music the whole family can sing along to, they even advertise Marks and Spencer and make it look like the greatest shop in the world. Robbie Williams will try to barge in to their success at some point this year and I think they’d do right to tell him to jog on.

British Single
Adele  – ‘Chasing Pavements’
Alexandra Burke – ‘Hallelujah’
Coldplay – ‘Viva La Vida’
Dizzee Rascal – ‘Dance Wiv Me’
Duffy – ‘Mercy’
Estelle feat Kanye West – ‘American Boy’
Girls Aloud – ‘The Promise’
Leona Lewis – ‘Better In Time’
Scouting For Girls – ‘Heartbeat’
X Factor Finalists – ‘Hero’

Who I Want To Win – Estelle – This was a tossup between Estelle and Coldplay for me but I believe it’ll be the former that sticks within my conscious until my dying days on this earth. Not much to say about this track other than its pure catchiness. Brilliant.

Who I Think Will Win – Estelle – It’s simply the stand out track within that list. I don’t swear on this blog as it’s unprofessional, but Scouting For Girls? Best British Single? Utter nonsense. Alexandra Burke ruined one of the greatest songs of all time by introducing a key change and a choir, I don’t even want to imagine the scene if X Factor win the award (tears and hugs mainly, lots of tears and lots of hugs), The Promise is a good track but nowhere near the Girls best, Duffy = spade face, Dance With Me is strong and deserves a nomination, Chasing Pavements is good but she can be happy with her best female award and Leona Lewis can win a Brit award when she develops a personality.

British Album
Coldplay – Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends
Duffy – Rockferry
Elbow – The Seldom Seen Kid
Radiohead – In Rainbows
The Ting Tings – We Started Nothing

Who I Want To Win – Elbow – Please read here and here for my thoughts on this breathtakingly good album.

Who I Think Will Win – Coldplay – I’m a passive Coldplay fan at best and I don’t believe that this is their strongest work, but they deserve recognition for what they’re doing for the British music industry around the world, especially in the states. They still sell shedloads over there and that deserves a shiny award in anyone’s book right? We Started Nothing is a cracking pop album but has little longevity, In Rainbows is good but suffers from people branding it pretentious and Duffy can’t dance.

British Breakthrough Act
The Last Shadow Puppets
Scouting For Girls
The Ting Tings

Who I Want To Win
– The Ting Tings – When I first heard ‘That’s Not My Name’ I never thought it would be a number one single within 12 months but their rise within the industry was quicker than Usain Bolt with a dicky tummy. Some of the tracks on We Started Nothing are so catchy they could make cadavers tap their feet and being able to raise the dead deserves a Brit award in my book.

Who I Think Will Win – Duffy – You can’t ignore Duffy. Seriously. I consciously tried once and within 3 hours was in a Northern Soul club beggin’ strangers for mercy.

British Live Act
Iron Maiden
Scouting For Girls
The Verve

Who I Want To Win – Elbow – Again, please the previous Elbow link for why they deserve this.

Who I Think Will Win – Coldplay – I witnessed all the above live last year bar Iron Maiden so it would be unfair for me to comment on them, but I can only presume they’re a very strong live act due to how long they’ve been around for. The Verve did put on a strong set at V Festival but unfortunately for them they followed Kings of Leon who blew them out of the water. Coldplay were very good at the Liverpool Arena apart from Chris Martin’s shoes and I can only imagine Scouting For Girls are in there as some form of sick joke. THEY’RE REALLY BAD.

International Male Solo Artist
Neil Diamond
Kanye West
Seasick Steve

Who I Want To Win – Jay Z – After all the tripe that was spouted by various people regarding his Glasto headline slot he produced one of the highlights of the weekend to silence his ill-informed critics. He’s one of, if not the, best in his genre and continues to produce great music. No wonder he gets to play with Beyoncé.

Who I Think Will Win – Jay Z – It’ll be tight between him and Kanye but I’d imagine Jay will pip him to the post. Kanye West’s latest album received mixed reviews with criticisms of it being to electronic and his ramblings in the press have gone from being brilliantly cocky to annoyingly arrogant. Seasick Steve is a bit of a marketing enigma; he’s enjoyable enough but the cynic inside me thinks quite a few of his ‘fans’ only like to him add a bit of eclecticism to their record collections. Neil had a good year with a strong performance at Glasto but I think he’ll be overlooked for youth and I’m not bothered about Beck anymore; he was rubbish at Wireless and he’s a scientologist.

International Female Solo Artist
Gabriella Cilmi
Katy Perry

Who I Want To Win – Beyoncé – For my sins I had to watch a good chunk of the last series of X Factor (I assure you it wasn’t by choice) and on the final week when the last contestants were duetting with some pop A-Listers (and Boyzone) Beyoncé proved just how much of a cut above she is to Alexandra Burke, who according to the democracy of the X Factor, is one of the best this country has. She sang with ease and her voiced dwarfed Burke’s. Granted she has a good decade or so’s worth of practice and coaching on her side so I won’t judge Burke too harshly for another 10 years. One thing I should mention though is that her song ‘If I Were A Boy’ is just ridiculously sexist. She’s well fit though innit.

Who I Think Will Win – Katy Perry – I wasn’t fooled by ‘I Kissed A Girl’ but she did win me over with ‘Hot And Cold’ and her latest offering is pretty good as well. Catchy songs coupled with a stunningly beautiful face and constant column inches pretty much guarantees her this award.

International Group
Fleet Foxes
The Killers
Kings Of Leon

Who I Want To Win – Kings Of Leon – as with Elbow you can go here and here to read why I want this family affair to walk away with this gong.

Who I Think Will Win – Kings Of Leon – The year they went from every indie kids favourite band to ever indie kids dads favourite band should win them this award. They’re stadium rock whilst retaining the coolness that acts such as U2 and gradually The Foo Fighters have lost/are losing. AC/DC were one of the best bands ever, someone rather brilliantly said to me the other day ‘The Emperor has no clothes’ in reference to the Fleet Foxes which I agree with, The Killers latest offering is substandard and MGMT were overhyped to the point of absurdity in the blogosphere.

International album
AC/DC – Black Ice
Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes
The Killers – Day & Age
Kings Of Leon – Only By The Night
MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

Who I Want To Win – Kings Of Leon – Not as good as ‘Because of the Times’ but still bloody good.

Who I Think Will Win – Kings Of Leon – Who created this list at the Brits? Are they aware they’ve just made a Carbon Copy of best international group? KoL again here for pretty much for all the reasons above.

So there you go. Will I be right? Do you think I’m wrong? Could the whole event be cancelled and no one actually notice? Methinkso…

What I’m listening to this week: Delphic and White Lies (the album’s not too sharp but ‘Death’ is a very strong song).

What I’m reading this week: Everyone who I’m following on Twitter.

Stay tuned


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~ by Sentric on January 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Brit Award Predictions 2009 (for those who care)”

  1. Have you seen Seasick Steve play? He can work a crowd like nobody I’ve ever seen – to be fair, he has had a little time to practice! Songs are great too. I think it’s fantastic that he’s got on this purely on his own talent – no producers, no band, just himself.

  2. Not a fan of Duffy, then?

    I’ve only every seen her perform live once (on Jools’ Hootenanny 2008/2009) and to be honest can’t remember if her face was spade-like.

  3. Steve is awesome, check this:

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