Brit Award Predicitions (for those who care) 2008 – 14.01.2008

Anyone else noticed that the Brit award nominations announcements seem to receive less and less press coverage every year? About this time last year I did a post on whether or not award ceremonies even mattered anymore due to the choice and access to music that we as consumers now have. Back in t’day (as we say in Yorkshire), I personally would take a lot more notice over Brit winners, and Q winners, and Mercury winners etc. And I’m only talking about 6 or 7 years in the past here, not even a decade ago. Granted my life has changed somewhat over the past 7 years and I’m now ‘in’ the music industry and therefore have more of an inherent interest in it but still, I’d guess even my mum knows pretty much every artist up for an award at this year’s Brit’s due to the several thousand music channels Sky currently hosts.

So I thought have a gander at the nominees and give you my musings on them. I reckon by this time next year we won’t care about the Brits anymore so let’s see this as ‘helping to preserve the memory of a once great ceremony’ eh?

British Male Solo Artist
Jamie T
Mark Ronson
Newton Faulkner
Richard Hawley

Who I Want To Win – Jamie T – Although I may lose friends back in Sheffield for going against our homegrown Richard Hawley; Jamie’s album ‘Panic Prevention’ was one of the very few highlights in a genre that has arguably produced very little to shout about in the past year. ‘Sheila’, ‘If You Got The Money’ and ‘Calm Down Dearest’ were 3 top songs of an all round top album. Definitely one to add to the collection if you haven’t got it already…
Who I Think Will Win – Mark Ronson – deservedly as well might I add. His ‘Version’ album has been the soundtrack to hairdressing salons all around the country ever since they heard Winehouse warble to the words to ‘Valarie’. There are some very good cover versions on there… and that one with Robbie Williams.

British Female Solo Artist
Bat For Lashes
Kate Nash
KT Tunstall
Leona Lewis
PJ Harvey

Who I Want To Win – Kate Nash – if you’ve read this blog before you must be aware of my love of pop music by now which explains my artist of choice here. Granted, her dulcet cock-er-ney tones are now starting to grate on everyone around the country but I just can’t get ‘Pumpkin Soup’ out of my tiny, tiny head.
Who I Think Will Win – Kate Nash – Bat for Lashes and PJ Harvey are too ‘clever’ for a Brit award, Leona Lewis has a stunning voice but doesn’t write enough of her own material and KT had her fun last year. Nuff said.

British Group
Arctic Monkeys
Girls Aloud
Kaiser Chiefs
Take That

Who I Want To Win – Arctic Monkeys – it was just twenty minutes ago I was explaining to my co-worker that I’ve recently re-fallen in love with ‘Favorite Worst Nightmare’ again and I’m struggling to select anything else on my computer to listen to at the moment. A simply staggeringly good album by a band whose music progressed sublimely from their debut. I was amongst the cynics who thought they might be in danger of making a poor carbon copy of ‘Whatever People Say I Am…’ but alas, they proved why they’re the most exciting band this country has produced in the last 10 years.
Who I Think Will Win – Take That – my personal second choice out of the above list. Gary Barlow is a songwriting genius. Fact.  I think the reason that ‘Beautiful World’ did so well is because it sounds like an album that Take That would have made if they’d never split up in the first place and released another 7 albums in-between now and then. This is obviously thanks to Barlow’s constant songwriting when he was personally out of the limelight; he’s kept his music fresh and not just done a re-hash of ‘Back For Good’. Whilst other ex-members are on ‘strike’ (what’s that about?) Gary’s doing the business.

British Album
Arctic Monkeys – ‘Favorite Worst Nightmare’
Leona Lewis – ‘Spirit’
Mark Ronson – ‘Version’
Mika – ‘Life In Cartoon Motion’
Take That – ‘Beautiful World’

Who I Want To Win – Arctic Monkeys – for the reasons above coupled with superb lyrics, fantastic arrangements and an eclectic mix of song subjects. If for some inexplicable reason you don’t own this album; go and buy it now. And if you’re too tight to buy the full thing then download ‘505’ and enjoy… then buy the full album.
Who I Think Will Win – Arctic Monkeys – due to the fact they’ll give the other awards to Take That and Muse respectively, they’ll give the Monkeys this one so they don’t walk away empty handed (although do you remember that year when Craig David was pretty much nominated for every award (even Best Female Artist) and went home with nothing?!)

British Breakthrough Act
Bat For Lashes
Kate Nash
Leona Lewis

Who I Want To Win –Klaxons – Although mediocre live and although I disagree with them winning both best album and best song in the NME awards for last year; you can’t deny they’ve made a brilliant album in ‘Myths of the Near Future’. The production quality on that record is a masterclass and my personal favorite track ‘Atlantis To Interzone’ simply cannot fail in getting indie kids to dance at their local pool houses or where ever the youngster congregate these days.
Who I Think Will Win – Mika – I’m not going to make any obvious derogatory comments about Mika here. It is neither big nor clever.

British Live Act
Arctic Monkeys
Kaiser Chiefs
Take That

Who I Want To Win – Muse – what could I possibly say about Muse’s live act that I haven’t said before? I’ve chucked around every superlative my Microsoft Paperclip Thesaurus can muster up and I still don’t think I’ve done them justice! You will not see a better band live. Simple as.
Who I Think Will Win – Muse – they have to win it. I don’t what I’ll do if they don’t.

British Single
The Hoosiers – ‘Worried About Ray’
James Blunt – ‘1973’
Kaiser Chiefs – ‘Ruby’
Kate Nash – ‘Foundations’
Leona Lewis – ‘Bleeding Love’
Mark Ronson – ‘Valerie’ (featuring Amy Winehouse)
Mika – ‘Grace Kelly’
Mutya Buena – ‘Real Girl’
Sugababes – ‘About You Now’
Take That – ‘Shine’

Who I Want To Win – Either Sugababes or Leona Lewis – both fine examples of what good quality pop music should be. Lewis’ extraordinary voice and the Babes’ impossible-not-to-tap-your-toes too beat are both deserved of this award.
Who I Think Will Win – Mark Ronson – I’ve lost count the amount of drunken scousers I’ve heard belt this out whilst doing karaoke. It therefore is the people’s choice and will win the award the masses believe it deserves.

International Male Solo Artist
Bruce Springsteen
Kanye West
Rufus Wainwright
Michael Buble

Who I Want To Win – Timbaland – I’m even surprising myself by bypassing Springsteen on this one, Bruce’s ‘Magic’ album has been his best received album for years by both fans and critics alike, but Timbaland is currently the Midas of the Hip Hop world. Everything that guy touches is brilliant at the moment, he even made me tolerate 50 Cent (albeit it for one song, but still I assure you it was no easy task). Furtado, Timberlake and Fiddy all owe Timberland a good deal for what he’s done with their careers; therefore he deserves at least a Brit in return.
Who I Think Will Win – Kanye West – I’m a big fan of Kanye. His music is cleverer than your average Hip Hop artist, he’s produced 3 strong albums and from the footage I’ve seen of him live, he can certainly hold a crowds attention. A worthy Brit winner in my eyes.

International Female Solo Artist
Alicia Keys
Kylie Minogue

Who I Want To Win – Kylie – I haven’t personally heard ‘X’ although I hear from a very viable source (my sister) that it’s a cracking album and given everything that Kylies has been through in the past couple of years, it’s quite an extraordinary achievement. Also, anything that reminds Danni who the real star of the family is I quite like the idea of.
Who I Think Will Win – Rihanna – There is no way that song can go unnoticed at this year’s Brit’s. No way at all.

International Group
Arcade Fire
Foo Fighters
Kings Of Leon
The White Stripes

Who I Want To Win – Arcade Fire – this is a hard choice for me as I’m a big fan of the Foos and the Kings but after seeing Arcade Fire live twice in 2007 and being absolutely blown away both times then I have to go with these. The words ‘Religious Experience’ get thrown about when describing one of Arcade Fire’s concerts and although agreeable, I’d prefer to use the term ‘Life Affirming’. I believe that even the world’s most passionate music lovers can sometimes feel a bit melancholy when the music industry goes a bit stale, if this ever happens to you then go watch an Arcade Fire concert. You’ll fall back in love faster than it takes Britney Spears to lose custody of her kids.
Who I Think Will Win – Foo Fighters – Simply because everyone loves them. And in all fairness; how could you not?! Another fantastic live act fronted by an ever charismatic Dave Grohl who has appeal right across the board;  you want to be him, your sister wants to sleep with him, your dad wants to buy him a pint and your mum wants to cook him Sunday dinner… and then sleep with him probably.

International Album
Arcade Fire – ‘Neon Bible’
Eagles – ‘Long Road Out Of Eden’
Foo Fighters – ‘Echoes, Silence, Patience, Grace’
Kings Of Leon ‘Because Of The Times’
Kylie Minogue – ‘X’

Who I Want To Win – Kings Of Leon – Although ‘Neon Bible’ is incredible, The Kings’ 3rd outing for me cements them as one of the most developed bands of our generation. Their music has progressed outstandingly from deep southern rock, to indie, to downright dark rock and roll. ‘On Call’ has to be one of the best songs of 2008; I challenge you all to listen to it after a cheeky drink and try not to sing along.
Who I Think Will Win – Kings Of Leon – I reckon they’ll cheekily sneak this one from under the noses of the Foos. Sod the eagles, we don’t have Wal-Mart over here (none of this ‘but what about ASDA…’ stuff from you lot either, I’m making a point)

Outstanding Contribution Award
Paul McCartney  

Who I Want To Win – Paul McCartney
Who I Think Will Win – Heather Mills – BOOM BOOM!

Who I’m listening to this week: Arctic Monkeys, The Dandilions and Levy

What I’m reading this week: I welcome back Jonathan Deamer to the Sentric office; and how could I not with interesting posts like this one regarding the Capital of Culture opening ceremony in Liverpool.

Stay tuned



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One Response to “Brit Award Predicitions (for those who care) 2008 – 14.01.2008”

  1. My main disappointment with the nominations is that it doesn’t look like there is anyone who’s going to cause any ruckus á la Chumbawumba or Jarvis.

    Who knows though – maybe Mika will show his activist side and change the lyrics of “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)” to be a scathing attack on something or other. But I doubt it.

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