iPhone, Your Phone, My Phone, Why Phone 6/11/2007

A historic day in the UK phone market approaches us this Friday as the one and only Apple iPhone hits the shelves for a whole bunch of people with too much money to go and buy, show off and subsequently get mugged.

O2 believes it will shift 200,000 of the nifty gadgets before xmas which is most probably going to happen because there are people with more money then sense in this country. They’ve even added an extra 1,400 staff in preparation for the launch.

Due to it exclusively being on O2 (something which annoyed me as I myself am an O2 customer so I was hoping it would go to one of its rivals and therefore cause O2 to offer better deals to become more competitive) they’ve got a fantastic monopoly on the market and are therefore offering a quite frankly insulting deal to their potential customers. £35 per month for 200 minutes and 200 texts is harsh enough, but add to that the fact that you still have to buy the handset for an extra £269 then it’s baffling why people would want one in my eyes.

Ok, ok, that’s a bit of a lie. Of course I know why people would want it; because it’s aesthetically pleasing. But that’s it really when you think about it; it’s only 8gb (nothing too special), it’s not even 3G capable, it’s camera is only 2 megapixels and there are no bloody buttons! (That’s a personal one admittedly)

Now I know I’ve been known for ‘Apple-bashing’ in the past but this is exactly the reason why. They’ve produced a good product but are charging for an excellent product. What’s more frustrating is that people will go and buy these things thus justifying their actions!

Anyway, Google have quite brilliantly took the limelight off Apple somewhat by announcing their intentions of producing a GPhone; their take on the next generation of phones. I personally would be more excited about seeing that as Google have showed in the past they can be rather entrepreneurial when they feel like it and also, all their services (well, all the ones I have tried) have been brilliant.

I feel it is only fair here to have a word from a good friend of mine Oliver, who, and he’ll openly admit this, is Apple crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some kind of effigy of Steve Jobs somewhere in his flat. After I informed him that I was going to do this weeks blog on the iPhone and the expensive joke that it is, I gave him a chance to fight his corner:

Well, I was attending a MusicTank session called “Mobile 2 Music” last week. I guess pretty much everyone agreed that the iPhone will raise the bar what customers expect from their mobiles. I guess, when you want to talk about the future iPhone, I guess, there will be other models coming up – something like the iPhone nano for example. The next generation iPhone will support 3G technology and Apple will also introduce a true mobile version of their iTunes Music Store allowing over-the-air downloads. Up to then, it will remain with sideloads from the computer and direct downloads via WIFI.

So there you go, what the hell do I know eh?

I’m sure it will ‘raise the bar’ and phone manufacturers are already trying to compete with products of their own, but apart from the glossy look of the iPhone, the one thing it really is going to have going in it’s favour is the accessibility to iTunes.

With network speeds increasing, the talk of 4G in coming years and phone memory storage becoming bigger with every model; the availability of an easy to use, affordable and truly mobile accessible music store could become a world beater.

Nokia launched their music store last week which has received high praise from various industry analysts but can it compete with iTunes? Surely the consumer is now stuck in their ways? Why would they want to use anything else? Arguably they would do if Apple don’t have the product they want and with Universal and Warner contemplating pulling their catalogue from iTunes, it could leave the door wide open for someone who has clout like Nokia to come in and become a real contender to knock iTunes off their perch.

What do you lot reckon? Are you going to get an iPhone?

A couple of other events this week in my life:

  • I went to see the Pigeon Detectives (read the review here)
  • Glasvegas @ The Barfly last week – really enjoyable gig from the Scottish band, top use of ambient lighting and a smoke machine really did add to their music. Also, they finished on a top cover of ‘Be My Baby’ which was rather enjoyable. And Alan McGee likes them too.
  • I went to see ‘Sicko’ and Mr Moore showed why France’s health care is the best in the world. The said prolific health care coupled with the shots of young people drinking wine and eating camembert in sunblushed Parisian parks looking into each others eyes like they’re simply in a constant state of elation makes me want to move there and fall in love with some endearing young French woman who, although is extremely talented in her trained field of corporate law, still insists on working for charitable cases and therefore she only earns a fraction of what she could do. We wouldn’t mind though, we’d be happy with our bottle of red, fresh french bread and each other…

What I’m listening to this week: The ‘Once’ soundtrack (especially ‘Slowly Falling’) and The Wombats debut album.

What I’m reading this week: Stephen Fry’s blog on how to approach famous people without making a muppet of yourself.

This weeks free track: ‘Electrical Fever’ by 28 Costumes from their new EP of the same title.

Stay tuned



~ by Sentric on November 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “iPhone, Your Phone, My Phone, Why Phone 6/11/2007”

  1. You will fight it, but you will unfortunately end up with one in five years time when Macs are crowned the virus free gods of the computer world, your iPhone is the only compatible device for both music and communication, and you get a free trip to polution free global warming unaware Mars with every signing of a contract.

    On a serious note, I don’t own an iPod or a mac and my Sony Ericson phone has pictures of the dinosaurs on it. Not only am I still alive, but I’m also [amazingly enough] able to send emails, texts AND receive calls.

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