Livey Madonna – 15/10/2007

First of all, apologies for the god awful pun of this weeks blog. It’s the best I could do and if you think you could better then please let me know…

Madonna ‘to leave record label’

Madonna is widely expected to leave her longtime record label and sign a $120m (£59m) recording and touring contract with concert promoter Live Nation.

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Yet another music industry model is set to be tried and tested by Miss Ciccone as she buggers off from the label who appear to have treated her so well over the past 25 years to go into bed with your favorite concert promoter and mine; Live Nation.

Now Madonna has no real need to do this. As I say frequently in these blogs the traditional record deal is dying, unless you’re a huge mega star, and let us face it, Madonna is as huge as they come, but never the less she obviously feels she’s not making enough money as it is and therefore needs to try out a model that mean less people get a piece of her pie and therefore she gets more.

Before she’d be with Warner who’d fund the recording of the album and sort out distribution but when it came to the tours they’d bring in Live Nation as a 3rd party. Now with Live Nation taking over the role of label as well, Madonna only has the 1 company to give some cash too rather than 2. Simple yeah?

Well in theory yes, but Live Nation are taking a bloody big risk in my opinion. According to the Five Eight daily bulletin; they’ll only receive 10% of the gross tour revenue and they’d also have to shirt 15 million copies of each of the 3 new albums over 10 years to recoup the initial investment. Now even though Madonna is as ‘big as they come’ will she still be in 10 years time? With the trends the music industry is currently witnessing (declining CD sales etc), surely it will be even worse in 10 years time? Will she still make music people want to listen to then!? She changed from poppy to dancey a few years back so when we get bored of her dance music has she got 1 more re-invention left within herself to keep the punters happy?

The one thing Live Nation are evidently confident about is the touring revenue. Madonna will always sell out massive venues and you can bet if she pens a deal with Live Nation then her next tour will be nearly double the size of her last. And as Madonna is one of those highly frustrating artists who believe it is fair to charge her fans upwards of £70 a ticket to see her strut her dangerously middle aged stuff about the stage, they can be sure a lot of cash will be generated.

In summary, I’d say good deal for her, bad for Live Nation…

Following on from last week’s topic, Radiohead have caused quite a storm haven’t they?! Now they’re all queuing up to give material away; The Charlatans confirmed their next album will be free, there are rumors of Oasis using the same model and, wait for it, Ocean Colour Scene announced today that their new single will be a free download! I downloaded the album and paid £0.00 for it as I’ve never been a huge Radiohead fan but if I like this album I’ll definitely consider going to see them live. So far after the first listen I think it’s alright, I rather like track 2 ‘Body Snatchers’ but the rest of it is yet to grow on me.

Right, short blog this week as I’m rather busy!

What I’m listening to this week: Radiohead and The Flight Of The Conchords. Now, musical comedy is really hard to get right but if can watch Business Time, Jenny and Albi The Racist Dragon without laughing then you have something very wrong with you.

What I’m reading this week: The death of web 2.0? Already?

This weeks free track: The Compulsives: Stop!

Stay Tuned



~ by Sentric on October 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “Livey Madonna – 15/10/2007”

  1. Do you think Madge’s Live Nation deal means we’ll see more merchandising of music at concerts? Whether it be through USB key rings or downloading the next single on your iPhone during a costume change?

    Either way, it’s another interesting shift in the music industry.

  2. Watch how you use the Lord’s name in vain.

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