I’m sorry to Leed you astray 20/08/2007

Good day to you all, I hope life is treating you wonderfully as ever? 

Reighto, I’m off to Leeds this week! So I thought I’d do a blog on my own personal experiences of the music festivals I’ve attended throughout the past few years and what I reckon is going to happen at this one… (which basically means there isn’t going to be too much ‘unsigned advice’ this week but hey, we all like a week off yeah?) 

My first ever festival was Leeds at the tender age of 16 years old, the headliners were Gun’s and Roses, The Strokes and The Foo Fighters (the bill also included a couple of other belters as well, Incubus, Muse, Pulp, Weezer etc). there were some cracking performances that weekend as well; Guns N Roses were a hell of a lot better then I envisaged them to be (even though it was Axel + 5 others) and although they came on an hour late they still won me over (actually, after about 45 minutes of them keeping us waiting I ‘boo-ed’ rather subconsciously without actually thinking about it. As I was the first one who dared boo-ed the roses this massive hard-looking metal head looked at me as if he was about to kick the hell out of me, but luckily for me before his 3 brain cells managed to get a meeting together to contemplate their various options, his mate next to him agreed with my frustration and also began to boo; hencethus saving me a good booting in the face.) 

Before this I should add that there nearly was a short end to my first festival as when a massive, neigh, epic bottle battle broke out my chaperone sister declared that we would not be returning in the morning. Women eh? Alas she saw sense and we returned for the next 2 days, but with me being both a little too young and there with my sister and brother-in-law, my stories aren’t so racey. 

I returned to Leeds 2 years later with some lads (wheeeeey!) and us geezers (wheeeeey!) where only bothered about getting the beers in and dancing like morons. Good memories, and here’s to plenty more at Leeds this year, where I expect to see: 

          A generic ‘secret gig’ on a smaller stage or in some weird make shift acoustic tent by one of the larger bands on the bill

          Hoards of people fleeing from the main stage when Razorlight are set to play

          People leaving the radio 1 stage disappointed after the Klaxons have played

          Someone who’s obviously taken some form of hallucinogenic drug for the first time sat in the middle of a place where no one else is sitting and really staring at their giant Yorkshire pudding

          A fire

          A group of fireman coming to shout at the people who started the fire

          The same group of firemen getting their picture taken with 3 skimpy clad girls who were part of the group who started the fire

          People with massive smiles on their faces after watching ‘The Hold Steady’ on the Carling Stage

          Me constantly searching for Fearne Cotton in some pathetic and hopeless attempt to do rudies with her

          The Smashing Pumpkins being boo-ed

          Panic at the Disco being bottled

          Arcade Fire playing a euphoric set to a back drop or an orange sky as the sun sets (maybe that’s more ‘wanted’ then ‘expected’)

          4 of Sentric Music’s finest artists tearing up the Unsigned Stage (Bonebox, Carlis Star, Screaming Mimi and The Aeroplanes 

Next weeks blog will be about the festival: who was good and who was shite, whether my predictions came true or not and my personal highlights.  

What I’m listening to this week: Kids In Glass Houses (www.myspace.com/kidsinglasshouses) and The Aclyrics (www.myspace.com/theaclyrics) 

What I’m reading this week: Stephen Fry’s autobiography (thou shall not question this) 

Stay tuned 



~ by Sentric on August 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “I’m sorry to Leed you astray 20/08/2007”

  1. This week;
    Leeds Festival.I hope you paid Vernon for the weed.
    Last week;
    Tony Wilson.
    1 Obviously a loss.A great influence on the indie music scene, and it’s formation,but when I saw him on various late night
    weekend music TV shows, he always came across as a self important
    2 I never could get very excited adout Joy Division and Love Will
    Tear Us Apart. Is it OK to say that, or are we all supposed to
    like it/

  2. Lyric taken from ‘Little Miss Pipedream’ by the Wombats

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