Internecessary 23/07/07

Over the past few days at work we’ve been having problems with our internet. On Wednesday it was off all day, Friday it was buggered, now, Monday morning, the start of a fresh week, it still is. This is down to our server being ‘ill’ apparently, and also, to top it all off, when they first tried to fix it, there was a bomb scare and they had to evacuate the building. Bloody terrorists.

This has affected my day to day workload to such an extent that it’s actually quite scary to think about how reliant I am on the World Wide Web. And it’s not just me, pretty much every company in the office I’m in (which includes a viral marketing company, a traditional marketing company, a financial accountancy company and a technology development company) are also in the same position.

I’ve now discovered that emails are like heroin for me. If I don’t check them at least once a day I begin to get a bit shaky and start wondering the streets of Liverpool asking random people wearing suits if I could look at their blackberrys to hopefully catch a cheeky glimpse of a FW: or RE:.

Friends, family and work are all an email away. “How was you’re weekend?” I’d ask my sister, “You reckon Tevez will actually go to Man Utd?” I’d propose to my old uni friend, “How did the BBC Radio Manchester session go?” I’d enquire to a Sentric artist. So why don’t I call them? In a business sense the phone is still obviously the best means of communication for instant answers but I find you get better results from people if you send them a little email first rather then cold calling them. Regarding friends and family, emails seem to be less formal then a phone call. They can answer in due course and they might be doing something too important to be interrupted by a phone call from their brother/mate asking about something as trivial as an illegal transfer or the extent of their Saturday morning hangover.

Then there is the social side to the internet. I haven’t owned a personal TV for the past 3 years as I just use the internet for my entertainment. Sites like are great for catching American shows before they make their way over here and I’ve been known to dabble in Bit Torrent every now and again. Networking sites like myspace and facebook are also grand to waste hours on. Listening to that new band you heard on some obscure student radio station on myspace and flirting with that girl you used to go to uni with on facebook are now genuinely ways that I can waste several hours of my evening. It’s sad isn’t it? I have been making more of a conscious effort to take in more culture in my life recently though (I even bought a DVD with subtitles! Imagine that). I will make the odd trip down to the Tate and I’ve become a member of FACT (an independent art house cinema in Liverpool. Although this completely contradicts my point I’ve always been honest with my readers so I feel I should tell you: as part of joining FACT as a member you receive 3 free tickets, which I’ve used on ‘Oceans 13’, ‘Shrek 3’ and ‘Die Hard 4’. Culture? God I’m pathetic).  

And lets not forget the music industries need for the internet. And it is a need, it simply couldn’t operate without it anymore.The internet has been a god send for unsigned and independent artists. Free marketing! Emails, myspaces, websites etc it’s been written about thousands of times before so there is no need to go through it again (do check out a previous Sentric Blog entry though about marketing unsigned and independent artists

If emails are my heroin then arguably MP3’s are my oxygen. I always said that if there was a fire at my flat then the 2 things I’d take out with me are my guitar and my external hard drive that has all my media on there. Personally I have no romanticism when it comes to tangible music. I can completely see why people do, why they want to hold a CD, read the sleeve notes, feel the vinyl etc, but for me all I care about is hearing the music (I am quite an audiophile though and all my MP3’s have to be ripped at the best quality).

So work, contacting friends, contacting family, music, TV, movies, entertainment, games and social networking are just a few of the things I use the internet for. Is anyone else as reliant on it as me?

Obviously by the time I’ve posted this the internet will be back on so I’ll be happy again.

What I’m listening to this week: The Pigeon Detectives and Multi Purpose Chemical

What I’m reading this week: er… Harry Potter. (and yes, it is a childs book. I’m fully aware of this fact but I’m still reading it)

Stay tuned



~ by Sentric on July 23, 2007.

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