Top of the Nots 9/07/2007

How do all, good weekend?

I’m going to write about charts this week and why hardly nothing ever ‘climbs’ any more. I’m writing this as a friend suggested it and also the Liverpool pop punk trio The Wombats ( hit the charts the other week with their single ‘Kill The Director’  ( entering the charts at number 35 and then yesterday hitting the dizzy heights of 66.

Now this is pretty good going for a band who’ve had little marketing behind them so far and no doubt they’ll do what is ever increasingly becoming the norm of re-releasing the single in a few months time when they’ve had a bit more success with their future singles, but if the charts in this country were similar to the Billboard 100 in the US then arguably they could’ve entered the charts higher.

The song is played on XFM a few times a day and Zane Lowe, amongst other Radio 1 DJ’s, has been playing it regularly.For those who don’t know the US ‘Billboard Hot 100’ is calculated by a mix of both sales and radio airplay and apart from the ‘issue’ of payola I think it’s actually quite a good system. One of the things that pisses me off these days is when you hear a song on the radio, think ‘blimey, that’s good’ only for Jo Whiley to say “and that new single will be out in 3 months time”. Why?! In 3 months time I’ll be bored of the thing. Why can’t they release it sooner and let it climb up the charts like they did back in the old days?

That’s why it’s so rare that songs last more then a couple of weeks at number one any more (unless they are as lyrically deep as ‘Umbrella’ of course), because people are bored of them after a week!Of course the introduction of digital sales into the charts means songs now appear to climb although that’s just because they’ll release the digital version a week before.

This is a personal pet peeve of mine but I don’t let it stop me getting to sleep at night. I’ve got global warming to do that…

You all watch Live Earth then? ( The Foo Fighters blew the place apart, easily the best of the night. Kasabian impressed me and I enjoyed Damian and David’s rendition of Que Sara Sara. The Black Eyed Peas were disappointingly horrendous and Genesis bored the crap out of me. All in all it was much better then the concert for Diana but I’m not too sure how much of the message got through. Personally, every time Jonathon Ross had some kind of Eco friendly geezer on the sofa I automatically pressed my red button to see what the craic was with the rest of the world, but maybe that’s just me still being a cynic after watching the ‘Great Global Warming Swindle’ on More4 a few months back.

Even when Mr Ross had comedians on the sofa, even they were taking the mick out of the subject. Jimmy Carr providing the best line in response to what he was doing to help: “I’m driving everywhere twice as fast to use half the petrol”. Brilliant.Even though when I’d finished watching it, I did turn the TV off by the socket so something must have sunk in.

What I’m listening to this week: The V Formation ( and Incubus (

What I’m reading this week: Brilliant blog about David Cameron’s recent talk with the BPI (

Stay Tuned



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One Response to “Top of the Nots 9/07/2007”

  1. I agree about an airplay-based chart, but would it actually reflect the relatively-few plays bands like the Wombats get? It’d be great if such a chart showed songs that are receiving lots of airplay on, for example, Zane Lowe or R1’s other specialist shows. But my feeling is that it’d just cause Snow Patrol, Paulo Nutella and Rihanna to enter the charts earlier and hang around longer.

    Perhaps if only airplay from non-peak time shows was included, ie. don’t include plays of “the hits” on Chris Moyles, Scott Mills etc.

    BTW, on the Live Earth tip, YouTube the footage of my beloved Smashing Pumpkins on the New York one. Their new album came out yesterday. It rules. I feel 12 again.

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