Enter Shikari and all that malarkey – Sentric Music Blog 26/03/07

Enter Shikari and all that malarkey – 26/03/07

So, have you heard? It’s finally happened! The death of the music industry has arrived!

Yes of course I’m referring to Enter Shikari who Last night entered the album charts at number 4 without the help of a record label either major or independent. ITS JUST THAT EASY!
Of course it isn’t but they are a grand example of the old DIY model that is getting thrown around these days and pops up in this blog every other week, so how did they do it?

o First of all they toured for about 3 years non stop all around the country (one of the members of the band was quoted as saying they’ve played over 600 gigs)
o They didn’t get giddy the second they realised that record companies were interested, and turned down multiple offers
o They utilised myspace very well, so much so in fact it spurred John Webster (the guy who runs the BPI and set up the Mercury Music Prize) to say to that they are the ‘first genuine myspace bad’ in a masterclass he gave the other week.

So what Enter Shikari have done is prove that the DIY model is do-able, but by no means easy. There are companies out there that can help you in various areas of the music industry without taking ownership or copyrights of your songs for a unfair amount of time (cough-did someone say Sentric?-cough)

Here’s my suggestion on how to get people to stand up and notice you…

o Gig regularly and don’t expect to play anything glossy or big and don’t expect to get paid
o This bit’s quite important – make some good music
o Utilise free online tools like myspace for example
o Don’t think that making your band into a brand is ‘uncool’. It’s just clever if anything
o Once you’ve got your fan base (of a good few thousand, nationwide) approach PR companies rather then record companies – You can get digital distribution without took much hassle (through us obviously) so once your music is out there all it takes is some clever and original marketing to make people stand up and take notice

I’d suggest cooking these ingredients at a constant temperature for around 2-4 years minimum. Also remember that if you’re in a new-ish band, the music you’ll be making in 12 months time will be distinctly different to what you are making now, no matter how good you think it is so be prepared to put time into your passion.

I’m aware that the blog this week is quite short but I’ve just got back from a weekend in Amsterdam so I wouldn’t say my brain is going at 100%.

I ask you all to leave me comments on your thought or questions you may have so I make up for the lack of words with a gallimaufry of wisdom.

What I’m listening to this week – The Randoms and Enter Shikari


~ by Sentric on April 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Enter Shikari and all that malarkey – Sentric Music Blog 26/03/07”

  1. […] · The ‘traditional’ music industry model is still working at the uber famous level but below that it’s dying on its arse. Too many bands these days are just waiting from that call from Sony offering them an advance they’ll never be able to pay back and thinking that that means they’ve ‘made it’. Look outside the model, look at people like Enter Shikari doing the DIY and OkGo with their viral marketing youtube antics. Remember that copyright is king and work to that rule; take Hard Fi *shudder* for example. They’ve sold a quarter of the records The Kooks have but have made twice the money for their own pocket because their manager was entrepreneurial. What can you do to get noticed? How can you stand out? Do you need a label? Again, from embracing point 2 on this list you may get several ideas from just reading other peoples ideas. And of course, if you read the Sentric Music blog every week… Further reading: Enter Shikari and all that Malarky […]

  2. Nice site keep it up!


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