Cover (your ears that’s bloody awful) songs – Sentric Music Blog: 19/03/2007

Sentric Music Blog: 19/03/2007 Cover (your ears that’s bloody shite) songs.

After mixed reviews of the blog last week (one member of a certain band said it was the best and most useful yet whereas Clipe Sexo Amador on the other hand quite publicly said it was both boring and too wordy – Cheers Clipe, good luck with that PR mate) I’ve decided to now discuss a subject that’s both completely subjective and based entirely on my opinion – cover songs.

Throughout this blog I want to talk about good ones, bad ones and why it could be argued that its necessary to do one for a new band so off we go…

My inspiration for this blog came thanks from the cheeky scouser Mel C with her latest release ‘I Want Candy’ which is to be the signature tune for the brit flick of the same name. The song sounds as bad as the movie looks in my humble opinion and she’s completely wasted my time, your time, and indeed everyone’s time by spitting out these 3 minutes of derge in our general direction. Here’s a sentence I never though I’d utter: I actually prefer Aaron Carters version.

Now this isn’t a go at Mel C as I believe she’s produced the best solo songs out of all the Spice Girls (although it can be argued she didn’t have stiff competition), who could forget such classics as ‘Goin Down’, ‘Northern Star’ and ‘Never Be The Same Again’? Rumours are currently abound though that Mel C is the only one of the 5 Spice Girls left who is unsure about reforming for a ‘whirlwind 6 month tour’, Mel, if you’re only going to produce stuff like this from now on then please do it. You’ll get paid shedloads of cash. Surely that’s much more fun than doing the soundtrack of British film that critics are calling ‘a flimsy cliché’?

Other terrible covers include:

Westlife – anything they’ve ever done (do these lot even sing original songs anymore?!)
Vanessa Carlton – Paint It Black
Madonna – American Pie
Ronan Keating – Fairytale of New York
Limp Bizkit – Behind Blue Eyes
Sheryl Crow – Sweet Child O Mine
Britney Spears – I Love Rock and Roll (if you love it, why take out all the guitars in the cover? For me this was the first sign of her going mental)

There are obviously many many more awful covers and please leave your suggestions with me.

My Favourite covers:

The Manic Street Preachers – Out of Time
Goldfinger – 99 Red Ballons
Paul Anke – Jump (or pretty much anything on the Rock Swings album)
Stereophonics – Summertime
Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower
Soft Cell – Tainted Love
Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
Gun – Word Up

For me a good cover version is someone who takes the original and changes it to their own sound, take my favourite cover song off all time: ‘Back For Good’ by McAlmont and Butler. This was featured on a Warchild album which was full of covers including Oasis’ take on ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ and The Prodigy’s take on ‘Ghost Town’ (it’s a very good album, you should all go buy it). Now the original Take That version of Back For Good is already a bloody good song but from the opening E note ringing on Butler’s guitar to the final crescendo of strings that ends the song, it is basically a brilliant cover version. McAlmont’s feminine voice complements the cacophony of noise made by both Butler and the orchestra in the background to make something truly beautiful; I really do recommend you purchase it.

So should you do a cover song?

Well if you want to get a few cheeky sales then apparently the answer is yes, Derek Sivers who is the founder of CD Baby stated in a talk during the music conference London Calling that those who did a cover version of a popular song often witnessed increased sales as customers who were searching for the original would occasionally buy a cover version as well. Remember: you DON’T need permission to cover someone else’s song as long as you pay the correct royalties to them afterwards.
The other way around it of course is to make a song with the same title of an already famous track e.g. Oasis’ Stand By Me, this method also means you get to keep all the money to yourself so it’s a win win really.

I’m interested in hearing what you’re favourite and most hated cover versions are so please leave a comment below telling me what you think…

What I’m listening to this week: McAlmont and Butler and Ricky Graham

Stay tune



~ by Sentric on April 3, 2007.

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